We are all in this together and we are all going to succeed together.- Paul Jusseaume

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Welcome to Boccaccio Homes

Hello, my name is Paul Jusseaume. I am the founder and president of Boccaccio Homes and I love building homes.
The years of 2007-2010 have been challenging but we are still building homes and have taken our situation as an opportunity to deliver better value than ever before possible. In the beginning of 2007 I called a meeting with the key subcontractors on my team. At that meeting we unanimously agreed to go back and negotiate with our suppliers, to cut our profits as low as possible to get through this challenging time, and to give extra labor and work to every project to create a value unparalleled and unmatchable.
Since that time we have built over ten homes and currently have several under construction ranging from the 150’s to the 600’s. The values and the team have survived and we are making it through hard work and the understanding we will get through this together. Good homeowners deserve better than ever and we have found a way to deliver.

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